Uncle Funcle's Manifesto

Uncle Funcle’s Rumpus Room is an online shop that caters to men who have found themselves swiftly kicked out of the hip 20 to 30 something crowd, landing firmly on the couch with snack in hand. Men who are what they are, but still like to feel good about themselves on occasion. 

Some of us might be a little heavy, some of us might be a little thin on top, some of us might be single (again). But, hey, just because we’re a little older and wiser now, doesn’t mean that we still don’t like to enjoy some comfortable lounge clothes and having a laugh on a lonely Saturday night. Maybe a candle so the apartment doesn’t smell like stale beer cans and pizza boxes or maybe even splash on a little ho juice for that big trip to the grocery store we’ve been trying to put off all week. How about an offensive shirt to piss off Karen while you’re at the store?

If you can somehow relate, then congratulations! You are one of us. One of the chosen. You, me and the almighty we… we’re all Uncle Funcle. You have found your home. Why not make the best of it? 

Our aim here at unclefuncles.com is to laugh at ourselves a little, love ourselves a little and provide access to fun stuff that makes life a bit more pleasant. 

Now get off my lawn… and go buy something!



(the Original Uncle Funcle)